First Appearance: March 17, 1980
Last Appearance: January 9, 1981
Portrayer: Judith McConnell, March 17, 1980 - January 9, 1981.
Arrival: Checked her husband into Bay City General Hospital for treatment of a serious medical condition.
Departure: Left when she realized Mac Cory would never return her affections.
Exit Scene: The hospital cafeteria, to Linda Metcalf, upon hearing of her nephew's collapse, "Rick?!"
Other Whereabouts: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Relatives: Ellen Halloway, sister. Taylor Halloway Jr. (RIP), nephew. Rick Halloway, nephew. Kit Halloway, niece. Amy Dudley, niece.
Spouses: Lloyd Bishop (RIP).

Lovers: Taylor Halloway (1980) and Philip Lyons (1980).
Dates: Zachary Colton (1980).
Flirtations: Mac Cory (RIP) (1980) and Joey Perrini (1980).
Occupation: Socialite.