First Appearance: May 8, 1964
Last Appearance: July 6, 1970
Portrayer: Carol Roux, May 8, 1964 - July 1, 1969; March 10, 1970 - July 6, 1970.
Arrival: (1964) Close friend and social worker Ann Fuller moved to Bay City, so Missy left San Diego to be near her.
(1970) Returned to report Bill Matthews' death to Liz Matthews.
Departure: (1969) Moved to California with Bill Matthews (RIP) and son, Ricky Matthews.
(1970) Moved to Somerset with her son, Ricky Matthews.
Introduction Scenes: (1964) To Bill Matthews (RIP) on the campus bridge, "Yes, it's me. Did you think I was-- one of the students?"
(Reintro, 1970) To Liz Matthews about Bill Matthews' death, "Mother...Bill was...He..."
Exit Scenes: (1969) Leaving her and Bill's house waving goodbye to a crowd, "Everyone is so...everyone is so...Oh! I love you all so much."
(1970) To Liz Matthews, "Well, Iím glad to hear that everythingís fine."
Birthday: February 16, 1945.
Birthplace: Jefferson Hospital in San Diego, California.
Other Aliases: Melissa Palmer (a name Missy chose for herself from the newspaper). Melissa Matthews (name as of 1968).
Last Known Whereabouts: San Diego, California.
Other Whereabouts: San Diego, Chicago, Somerset, California, Arizona.

Val Dufour (Walter) and Carol Roux Relatives: Katherine Corning (RIP), mother. Lt. Richard Summers Jr. (RIP, killed on February 20, 1945, age 24), father. Ricky Matthews, son. Richard Summers Sr. (RIP, January 1966), paternal grandfather.
Spouses: Danny Fargo (RIP) (married on August 23, 1966. Dissolved in February 1967).
Bill Matthews (RIP) (married on December 21, 1967. Dissolved in March 1970).
Medical History: Appendecitis resulting in operation (1966). Cerebral edema (1967). Bacterial endocarditis (1970).
Legal History: Convicted for the murder of Danny Fargo (RIP) (1967).
Former Occupations: Waitress at the Kopper Kettle. Hostess at the Homestead restaurant.