First Appearance: November 11, 1964
Last Appearance: May 20, 1971
Portrayer: Geoffrey Lumb, November 11, 1964 - May 20, 1971.
Arrival: Contacted by Jim Matthews (RIP) to defend Pat Randolph on a murder charge.
Departure: Left to go on an around-the-world tour.
Introduction Scene: Startled awake by the phone, "Must have fallen asleep again."
Exit Scene: At his farewell party to a crowd, "and I swear Iíll be back... because I do love you all so much..."
Other Whereabouts: Oakdale (As the World Turns), Columbus (The Brighter Day).
Former Occupation: Law partner of John Randolph (RIP). Professor of law.
Note: A favorite of creator Irna Phillips, Dru also appeared on As the World Turns and The Brighter Day, before crossing over to AW. The last-known reference to Dru was on May 9, 1975.