Jane Cameron


Danielle Burns as Nancy First Appearance: July 23, 1974
Last Appearance: May 5, 1993
Portrayers: Danielle Jean Burns, July 23, 1974 - April 1983.
Jane Cameron, June 4, 1984 - May 7, 1987; May 22 and 23, 1989; May 5, 1993.
Departure: Left to protect herself from further attacks by the Sin Stalker.
Introduction Scene: (Jane Cameron) Ada Hobson's house with Ada Hobson (RIP) and Rachel Cory.
Exit Scene: (Jane Cameron) The Cory Mansion, to Ada Hobson (RIP), "Well, I'll be seeing you, Mom."
Birthday: (Originally) July 3, 1974.
Birthplace: A hospital operating room in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Named after Gil's mother. [Named after Nancy Wickwire (Liz Matthews)].
Last Known Whereabouts: Phoenix, Arizona.
Relatives: Ada Hobson (RIP), mother. Gil McGowan (RIP), father. Rachel Cory, half-sister. Burt McGowan, half-brother. Tim McGowan, half-brother. Sam Lucas, uncle. Jamie Frame, half-nephew. Nick McGowan, half-nephew. Matthew Cory, half-nephew. Cory Hutchins, half-nephew. Sandy McGowan, half-niece. Amanda Cory, half-niece. Elizabeth Hutchins, half-niece. Susannah Lucas, cousin.

Nancy, with ChrisLovers: Chris Chapin (RIP) (1985-1986) and Tony Carlisle (1987).
Dates: Joe Carlino (early 1980s), Perry Hutchins (RIP) (1984-1985), and Greg Houston (RIP) (1986).
Flirtations: Jake McKinnon (1985) and Neal Cory (1986).
Medical History: Was addicted to drugs.
Current and Former Occupations: Nursing student in 1987.