Neal and AdamNEAL CORY

First Appearance: December 25, 1985
Last Appearance: June 10, 1986
Portrayer: Robert Lupone, December 25, 1985 - June 10, 1986.
Arrival: Came on an undercover assignment to recover Egyptian treasure.
Departure: Returned home after disgracing himself with his family and Michael Hudson (RIP).
Introduction Scene: To Vicky Hudson coming on to her in a disco, "Hi."
Exit Scene: To Adam Cory while walking out of the Cory Mansion living room, "I think I'll see you in a couple of weeks."
Birthplace: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Relatives: Vivian Cory, mother. Alfred Cory, father. Adam Cory, brother. Mac Cory (RIP), uncle. Iris Wheeler, cousin. Sandy Cory, cousin. Paulina Cory Carlino, cousin. Amanda Cory, cousin. Dennis Wheeler, second cousin. Maggie Cory, second cousin. Alex Cory, second cousin. Remy Woods, second cousin. Alli Fowler, second cousin. Dante Carlino, second cousin.
Dates: Vicky Hudson (1986).
Flirtations: Nancy McGowan (1986).
Occupation: Government agent.
Former Occupation: Love stable boy.