With Jeanne Lange (Carol Lamonte)NEIL JOHNSON

First Appearance: November 8, 1974
Last Appearance: May 5, 1976
Portrayer: John Getz, November 8, 1974 - May 5, 1976.
Arrival: Came to take a job at Delaney Architects.
Departure: Took a job in the Washington Delaney branch office when Angie Perrini broke their engagement.
Introduction Scene: In Robert Delaney's office to Carol Lamonte, "Hi. I'm Neil Johnson the new project architect. Mr. Delaney told me his secretary would be here."
Exit Scene: While pummeling Willis Frame, "I should have done this months ago."
Relatives: Three sisters and two younger brothers. Ted Johnson (oldest younger brother).
Lovers: Clarice Ewing (1975) and Angie Perrini (fiance) (1975-1976).
Former Occupation: Architect with Delaney Architects.