First Appearance: May 22, 1989
Last Appearance: May 18, 1992
Portrayer: Allison Hossack, May 22, 1989 - May 18, 1992.
Arrival: Came to join her father, Russ Matthews.
Departure: Left to have her baby away from its father, Dennis Wheeler.
Introduction Scene: A yacht, to Russ Matthews, "Daddy!"
Exit Scene: A hotel elevator, to Marley Hudson, "Just wish me luck."
Birthday: October 10, 1970.
Other Wherebouts: Geneva, Switzerland; Paris, France.
Relatives: Russ Matthews, father. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, daughter. Josie Watts, half-sister. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), half-nephew. Mary Matthews (RIP), grandmother. Jim Matthews (RIP), grandfather. Pat Randolph, aunt. Alice Matthews Frame, aunt. Marianne Randolph, cousin. Michael Randolph, cousin. Will Matthews (RIP), great-uncle. Janet Matthews, great aunt. Bill Matthews (RIP), second cousin. Susan Matthews Shearer, second cousin.

Lovers: Sam Fowler (1989) and Dennis Wheeler (1991).
Dates: Jake McKinnon (1989, 1990), Matthew Cory (1990), and David Campbell (1992).
Medical History: Was paralyzed (1991).
Occupation: Dancer.
Notes: Olivia's mother was supposedly Olivia Delaney, but this was never revealed on-air.