First Appearance: October 28, 1980
Last Appearance: September 7, 1981
Portrayer: Tina Sloan, October 28, 1980 - September 7, 1981.
Arrival: Came to look for her husband, Robert Delaney.
Departure: Left to become a director at a Seattle hospital.
Introduction Scene: Larry and Clarice Ewing's apartment to Clarice, "Are you Clarice Ewing?"
Exit Scene: To Rick Halloway about his psychiatry residency, "Russ wrote a wonderful recommendation for you. You'll be in."
Previous Whereabouts: Seattle, Washington (-1980).
Last Known Whereabouts: Seattle, Washington.
Spouses: Robert Delaney (divorced on September 7, 1981).
Dates: Jason Dunlap (RIP) (1980) and Brian Bancroft (1981).
Flirtations: Russ Matthews (1980-1981) and Mitch Blake (1981).
Medical History: Unable to have children.
Occupation: Doctor.