Susan TrustmanPAT RANDOLPH Beverly Penberthy as Pat

First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: May 23, 1989
Portrayers: Susan Trustman, May 4, 1964 - March 15, 1967.
Beverly Penberthy, April 19, 1967 - January 15, 1982; May 22 and 23, 1989.
Departure: Embarrassed by details of her past published in Jamie Frame's book, Pat moved to the New York division of Cory Publishing.
Introduction Scenes: (Susan Trustman) The Matthews' house to Tom Baxter (RIP), "Hello, Tom."
(Beverly Penberthy) A hospital room to Russ Matthews, "This is all very unusual, isn't it Dr. Matthews? A doctor treating his own sister?"
Exit Scenes: (Susan Trustman) In the Randolph kitchen before falling off a stool, "No, Lee, no! No, don't."
(Beverly Penberthy) In her apartment, handing the phone to Liz Matthews, "Aunt Liz, it's for you."
Last Known Whereabouts: New York.
Birthday: August 21, 1944.
Other Aliases: Cynthia Matthews (original name). Patricia Ellen Matthews (maiden and full name).
Beverly Penberthy Relatives: Mary Matthews (RIP), mother. Jim Matthews (RIP), father. Marianne Randolph, daughter. Michael Randolph, son. Alice Matthews Frame, sister. Russ Matthews, brother. Will Matthews (RIP), uncle. Janet Matthews, aunt. Olivia Matthews, niece, Josie Watts, niece, Bill Matthews (RIP), cousin. Susan Matthews Shearer, cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.

With John Randolph Spouses: John Randolph (RIP) (married on June 24, 1965. Divorced on March 18, 1977).
Lovers: Tom Baxter (RIP) (1964), Philip Lyons (1980-1981), and Brian Bancroft (fiance) (1980-1982).
Dates: Dave Gilchrist, and Kevin Cook (1980)
Flirtations: Michael Bauer (1966-1967) and Sam Lucas (1974).
Legal History: Tried for the murder of Tom Baxter (RIP) (acquitted). Tried for the murder of Greg Barnard (RIP) (case dismissed).
Medical History: Made sterile by a botched abortion. Sterility cured by an operation. An alcoholic.
Current and Former Occupations: Secretary at Cory Publishing. Book editor at Cory Publishing. Editor of Brava Magazine. Employee in Cory's London Division.