Peggy, Lenore, and Lee First Appearance: July 12, 1965
Last Appearance: November 8, 1972
Portrayer: Micki Grant, July 12, 1965 - November 8, 1972.
Departure: Took a job with a law firm in Detroit working with people who couldn’t afford legal help.
Introduction Scene: To John Randolph about the books she was carrying, "It's all right, they're balanced."
Exit Scene: In the Metcalf household, to Raymond Scott (RIP), “Please stay, Ray.”
Birthday: 1939 or 1940.
Last Known Whereabouts: Detroit, Michigan.
Relatives: Gloria Metcalf, mother. Linda Metcalf, half-sister. Georgia May, niece. Peggy mentioned a brother in 1969.
Spouses: Dick Nolan (RIP) (Dissolved in August 1968).
Dates: Frank Chadwick (1970-1971) and Raymond Scott (1972).
Occupation: John Randolph's (RIP) secretary and law clerk.
Note: In her autobiography, One Life, actress Ellen Holly credits Grant as being the first African American actress in a contract role in a soap opera. Holly goes on to say that the character had originally been written as a white character, but changed to black when Grant was hired in the role. Peggy made sporadic appearances, followed by long absences from July 12, 1965 - June 17, 1968 before appearing regularly. Peggy was the first woman and African-American woman to work at the Randolph law firm.

with Lee Randolph (Barbara Rodell)