First Appearance: June 8, 1983
Last Appearance: May 21, 1985
Perry and Jake Portrayer: David Oliver, June 8, 1983 - May 21, 1985.
Arrival: Came to stay with Donna Love before Carl Hutchins found out he didn't graduate from college.
Introduction Scene: To Donna Love in her living room, "Who did you think it was?"
Exit Scenes: (May 20) To Vicky Hudson in the Love barn loft, "You're not getting away with this."
(May 21) In a hospital on his death bed.
Date of Death: May 21, 1985.
Cause of Death: Killed in a fall from the Love barn loft.
Relatives: Barbara Hutchins (RIP), mother. Carl Hutchins, father. Ryan Harrison (RIP), half-brother. Elizabeth Hutchins, half-sister. Cory Hutchins, half-brother. Andrew Hutchins (RIP), paternal grandfather.
Dates: Nancy McGowan (1983-1985) and Thomasina Todd (1984).
Flirtations: Nicole Love (1983).
Former Occupation: Owner of Smiley's Diner.