First Appearance: November 30, 1981
Last Appearance: September 21, 1982
Portrayer: Christopher Marcantel, November 30, 1981 - September 21, 1982.
Departure: Left with Diana Frame to attend college.
Introduction Scene: To Harry Shea about spending time at the stables, "Why don't you go take a look around? Maybe you'll understand why I like it here."
Exit Scene: At dinner with Steve Frame, Rachel Cory, and Diana Frame.
Birthday: 1964.
Other Aliases: Peter Xavier Shea (full name).
Spouses: Diana Frame. Eloped on June 4, 1982.
Relatives: Loretta Shea (RIP), mother. Harry Shea (RIP), father. Bridget Shea, sister. Terri Shea, sister.
Occupation: Steve Frame's stable boy.