First Appearance: November 23, 1979
Last Appearance: November 11, 1981
Portrayer: Bob Gentry, November 23, 1979 - November 11, 1981.
Arrival: Hired by Iris Wheeler to seduce Cecile DePoulignac away from Jamie Frame.
Departure: Left for a job in Manhattan when Mac Cory (RIP) sold the Ledger due to poor sales.
Introduction Scene: To Iris Wheeler over the phone, "May I speak with Iris Bancroft, please?"
Exit Scene: To Brian Bancroft in his office, "Bye."
Birthplace: Philip was an American who was raised in France.
Other Whereabouts: France (-1979), Manhattan, New York (1981-)
Philip and Pat Lovers: Amy Dudley (-1980), Cecile DePoulignac (fiance) (1979-1980), Miranda Bishop (1980), and Pat Randolph (1980-1981).
Dates: Tracy DeWitt (RIP) (1979).
Former Occupation: Ran The Daily Ledger.
Note: Before appearing on-screen Philip had been referred to several times as Phillipe de Lyons (with a French inflection). Apparently he was originally intended to be a French character.