First Appearance: January 20, 1975
Last Appearance: July 11, 1975
Portrayer: James Luisi, January 20, 1975 - July 11, 1975.
Arrival: Brought to Bay City by Iris Wheeler to tempt Rachel Cory away from Mac Cory (RIP).
Introduction Scene: Over the phone to Cynthia Whitefield about taking so long to call back, "My club has strict instructions not to interrupt me at backgammon."
Exit Scene: To the cabbie from his cottage, "I have to catch a plane in less than an hour."
Last Known Whereabouts: Arizona.
Other Whereabouts: Europe.
Relatives: Enid Wainwright, mother. Frank Wainwright, father. Eric Wainwright, brother.
Lovers: Clarice Ewing (1975).
Flirtations: Rachel Cory Hutchins (1975) and Iris Wheeler (1975).
Occupation: Aging gigolo nearly beyond his prime, lived off of wealthy women mostly in Europe. Riding instructor.