First Appearance: July 1, 1981
Last Appearance: April 6, 1987
Portrayer: Petronia Paley, July 1, 1981 - April 6, 1987.
Arrival: Came to pave the way for her employer, Edward Black (Steve Frame), to return to town.
Introduction Scene: To Denny Hobson in his new office, "Mr. Hobson? Hi, I'm Quinn. Welcome to the Blackhawk Project."
Exit Scene: The police department parking lot, to the Sin Stalker, "I'll help you. I'll get someone to help you."
Cause of Death: Strangled by the Sin Stalker.
Relatives: Ed Harding, brother. Thomasina Harding Todd, adoptive daughter. Viney *, aunt. Dorenne *, aunt. Richard Evans, cousin.
Lovers: Bob Morgan (RIP) (fiance) (1982), Len Harris (1982).
Dates: Zack Edwards (1986-1987).
Flirtations: Roy Bingham (1982-1983).
Former Occupations: Executive at Blackhawk and Frame Construction.
Notes: Paley appeared on a recurring basis from July 1 - November 5, 1981. She was given a contract by November 6, 1981.