First Appearance: March 11, 1982
Last Appearance: April 6, 1983
Portrayer: Reggie Rock Bythewood, March 11, 1982 - April 6, 1983.
Introduction Scene: Playing basketball with Bob Morgan.
Exit Scene: In the Frame Construction offices, with Quinn Harding and Thomasina Todd.
Departure: Left to join the police academy.
Relatives: Henrietta Morgan, mother. Mary Sue Morgan, half-sister.
Dates: Thomasina Harding (1982-1983).
Legal History: Arrested for committing arson (1982). Tried for working for a drug ring that caused Bob Morgan's death; put into a rehabilitation program (1983).
Note: The last known mention of R.J. was on April 20, 1984 by Thomasina Todd at Roy Bingham and Henrietta Morgan's wedding reception.

with Sheila Spencer as Thomasina Todd