Ted Shackelford Gary Carpenter with Alice


First Appearance: November 14, 1975
Last Appearance: December 30, 1977
Portrayers: Ted Shackelford, November 14, 1975 - December 29, 1976.
Gary Carpenter (born Gary Pillar), January 19, 1977 - December 30, 1977.
Arrival: Came to adopt Sally Frame (RIP).
Introduction Scenes: (Ted Shackelford) In his office to Beatrice Gordon, "Mom? You haven't said very much."
(Gary Carpenter) The Frame living room to Alice Matthews Frame about getting home, "Yeah, finally. Hi, darling."
Exit Scenes: (Ted Shackelford) The Frame living room to Liz Matthews about Alice and Sally Frame (RIP), "They're here now, Liz."
(Gary Carpenter) To Greg Barnard (RIP), "Now, how about leaving me alone to deal with more important things than my ex-wife.
Other Whereabouts: Scranton, Pennsylvania (-1975), California (1978-).
Relatives: Beatrice Gordon, mother. Curtis Gordon, son. Henry Gordon, son. Jennifer Gordon (RIP), sister. Charles Gordon, brother. Eric Gordon, nephew. Sally Frame (RIP), niece. Kevin Thatcher, great-nephew.
Spouses: Olive Randolph (married in the 1960s. Divorced in March 1977).
Alice Matthews Frame (married on June 24, 1977. Divorced in March 1978).
Dates: Angie Perrini (1977).
Occupation: Insurance salesman. Ran Frame Enterprises.
Notes: The last known mention of Raymond Gordon was on September 16, 1981 by Alice Matthews Frame.