First Appearance: November 26, 1979
Last Appearance: July 31, 1980
Portrayer: Carla Borelli, November 26, 1979 - July 31, 1980.
Arrival: Came to Bay City to retrieve her estranged husband, Kevin Cook.
Introduction Scene: To Kevin Cook over the phone, "Hello? Kevin?"
Exit Scene: Giving Iris a gold vase and a flower from Alex Wheeler (RIP) in her suite.
Birthplace: The Dallas / Ft. Worth area.
Last Known Whereabouts: Houston, Texas.
Relatives: Striker Bellman, father. Victoria Bellman, mother. Samantha Bellman, (originally [off-screen] sister on AW, changed to cousin [on-screen] on Texas).
Spouses: Kevin Cook (married in 1979. Divorced on December 18, 1980). Max Dekker (RIP) (married on January 26, 1981. Dissolved in August 1981).
Lovers: Justin Marshall.