First Appearance: August 8, 1986
Last Appearance: March 22, 1988
Portrayer: John Considine, August 8, 1986 - March 22, 1988.
Arrival: Came to look after his business interests.
Introduction Scene: A hotel, with Michael Hudson and Adam Cory, "Don't be sure I'll have all the answers."
Reginald and Elizabeth Exit Line: to Michael Hudson, hanging from his hand over the side of the Love Tower, "Hudson, no! Please!"
Exit Scene: Love Towers docking bay, being taken away on a gurney.
Date of Death: March 22, 1988.
Cause of Death: Fall from the Love Tower.
Place of Death The Love Towers docking bay at Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Reginald LaSalle (alias). The Vulture (nickname). [Known as Brandon in 1985].
Other Whereabouts: Paraguay (1969-1986).
Relatives: Donna Love, daughter. Peter Love, son. Nicole Love, daughter. Marley Hudson, granddaughter. Vicky Hudson, granddaughter. Steven Frame, great-grandson. Kirkland Harrison, great-grandson.
Spouses: Elizabeth Love (RIP) (married in the late 1940s. Dissolved by 1969).
Lovers: Mary McKinnon (1969-1986).
Medical History: Faked his death in Egypt in 1969 (apparently poisoned by cursed tomb dust). Had a stroke in 1987.
Legal History: Murdered Elizabeth Love (RIP). Kidnapped Mary McKinnon for 17 years.
Notes: An unknown actor portrayed the role (voice only) on July 22, 1986, prior to Considine assuming the part permanently. The character appeared July 22, 1986 - August 7, 1986 by voice-over and/or back to viewer until August 8, 1986.

Who died in March of 1988: Reginald or his lookalike?