First Appearance: April 26, 1977
Last Appearance: February 28, 1978
Portrayer: Barbara Eda-Young, April 26, 1977 - February 28, 1978.
Arrival: Brought to Bay City by Sven Petersen.
Introduction Scene: In Stockholm, Sweden, over the phone to Sven Petersen, "Who's this?"
Exit Scene: To Michael Randolph in the Randolph office, “Bye, bye, Mike... and good luck in everything.”
Birthplace: Minnesota.
Last Known Whereabouts: Norway.
Other Whereabouts: Stockholm, Sweden.
Relatives: Helga Lindeman, mother. Knut, father (RIP). Edvard, great-uncle. Sigrid, great-aunt.
Spouses: Cliff Tanner (married on February 27, 1978).
Dates: Burt McGowan (1977).
Former Occupations: Secretary for Brian Bancroft at Cory Publishing.
Note: Production date of episode with Regine's first appearance was April 19, 1977. Actress Barbara Eda-Young was given a contract by the time the episode aired.