First Appearance: May 27, 1980
Last Appearance: February 11, 1982
Portrayer: Tony Cummings, May 27, 1980 - February 11, 1982.
Arrival: Accepted his father Taylor Halloway's lab project offer in Bay City.
Departure: Left to set up private practice in Lake Geneva.
Introduction Scene: In Philadelphia, over the phone to Taylor Halloway.
Exit Scene: The bedroom with Marianne Randolph in response to her liking his kisses, "You do? It's going to be a great morning."
Birthday: May 6, 1954.
Other Aliases: Eric David Halloway (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
Relatives: Ellen Halloway, mother. Taylor Halloway, father. Taylor Halloway Jr. (RIP), brother. Kit Halloway, sister. Amy Dudley, sister. Miranda Bishop, aunt.
Spouses: Marianne Randolph (married on May 19, 1981).
Lovers: Blaine Ewing Cory (1981).
Dates: Sally Frame (RIP) (1980).
Medical History: Had dengue fever (1981).
Occupation: Doctor, chemist, microbiologist.