First Appearance: November 8, 1967
Last Appearance: March 30, 1970
Portrayers: Matthew Paul Lewis, November 8, 1967 - July 1, 1969.
Jason Bernard, March 13, 1970 - March 30, 1970.
Introduction Scenes: (Matthew Paul Lewis) Hospital nursery, being observed by Bill Matthews, Missy Palmer, and Alice Matthews Frame.
(Jason Bernard) In Liz Matthews' house, to Mitchell Dru, "Yes sir."
Exit Scenes: (Matthew Paul Lewis) With Bill Matthews and Missy Palmer saying goodbye to a crowd.
(Jason Bernard) With Pat Randolph in Liz Matthews' house.
Birthday: October 6, 1967.
Other Aliases: Named after his maternal grandfather, Richard Summers.
Last Known Whereabouts: San Diego, California.
Relatives: Missy Palmer, mother. Danny Fargo (RIP), father. Bill Matthews (RIP), adoptive father. Katherine Corning (RIP), maternal grandmother. Richard Summers (RIP), maternal grandfather.