First Appearance: March 18, 1970
Last Appearance: May 23, 1989
Portrayer: Nicolas Coster, March 18, 1970 - November 9, 1970; July 19, 1972 - June 3, 1976; September 29, 1980 - October 24, 1980; May 18, 19, 22, 23, 1989.
Departure: (1976) Left to protect Clarice Ewing from Iris Wheeler.
Introduction Scenes: (1970) To a waiter at Somerset's Riverboat, "Yes. Put us near the piano, will you?"
(Reintro, 1972) To Pam Sloan in Steve's office, "Hello. Is Mr. Frame in?"
Exit Scenes: (1970) To Steve Frame (RIP) in the Randolph reception area, "...You've already arranged to meet Walter Curtin there...and besides, what good will it do you to talk to Addison sooner? I mean, you're so angry..."
(1976) To Iris Wheeler in her house, "I would never burden a child of mine with a mother like you. Goodbye, Iris."
Last Known Whereabouts: New York.
Other Whereabouts: Seattle, Washington (1976-1980).
Relatives: Robbie Delaney (RIP), son. Cory Ewing, son. (From Somerset) Jasper Delaney (RIP), father. Peter Delaney, brother. Laura Cooper (m. Rex Cooper), sister. Tony Cooper, nephew. Joseph (Joey) Cooper, great-nephew.
Spouses: India Bishop Delaney Hillman.
Jessica Buchanan (RIP) (dissolved in 1972).
Lenore Moore (married on March 28, 1974. Divorced on August 25, 1975). []
Iris Wheeler (married on February 13, 1976. Divorced on February 28, 1977).
Olivia Delaney (divorced on September 7, 1981).
Lovers: Clarice Ewing (1975-1976) and Carol Lamonte (1975).
Dates: Janice Frame (RIP) (1972-1973). []
Flirtations: Barbara Weaver (1975).
Former Occupations: General manager of Delaney Brands. Architect. Chief architect for Frame Enterprises. Owner of Delaney Architects.
Notes: Robert's recurring appearances in 1970 were crossovers from Somerset. The character was permanently transferred to Another World in 1972.