First Appearance: May 19, 1988
Last Appearance: February 26, 1991
Portrayer: B.J. Jefferson, May 19, 1988 - May 9, 1990; September 26, 1990 - February 26, 1991.
Introduction Scenes: (1988) To Sam Fowler at the hospital, "Sam, this is your first class. Don't worry."
(Reintro, 1990) To Jamie Frame at a clinic, "Look, how we managed to leave these things until right before the clinic opens is beyond me."
Exit Scenes: (1990) At BCGH, to John Hudson about Sharlene Frame once being institutionalized, "Voluntary or involuntary?"
(1991) To Paulina Cory at a clinic, “Thanks for staying around, Paulina. You've been good company.”
Other Aliases: Veronica Lawrence (full name). Tiffany Simone (stage name).
Relatives: Father (RIP). Esther Lawrence, mother. Reuben Lawrence, brother. Jesse Lawrence, brother.
Dates: Zack Edwards (1988-1990).
Occupation: Nurse and singer.