ROSE PERRINI Rose with Maeve Kinkead as Angie

First Appearance: April 3, 1978
Last Appearance: June 9, 1980
Portrayer: Kathleen Widdoes, April 3, 1978 - June 9, 1980.
Introduction Scene: Entering Ada Hobson's kitchen, "Morning, Ada."
Departure: Left after alienating Joey Perrini with her interference in his and Kit Halloway's lives.
Birthday: Near the end of the year.
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago, Illinois.
Relatives: Angie Perrini, daughter. Joey Perrini, son. Sal, brother. Rose once made reference to Joey's Aunt Philomena and Uncle Giano. Rose's mother was born in Italy.
Spouses: Tony Perrini (RIP, died in a truck crash when Joey was learning to walk. Tony was in WWII).
Lovers: Paul Connelly (fiance) (1979-1980).
Flirtations: Vince Frame (1978).
Former Occupations: Seamstress for Sylvie Dresses. Owner of an Italian restaurant.
Note: The first reference to the Perrini's was made by Ada Hobson on September 3, 1971 prior to the family appearing on-screen, which started with Angie's introduction in February 1975.