Joey Trent as RussSam Groom as RussRobert Hover as RussDavid Bailey as Russ


First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: November 13, 1992
Portrayers: Joey Trent, May 4, 1964 - June 19, 1964; August 21, September 11 and 23, 1964; February 1 and 16, 1965; April 14, 1965; June 22, 23, and 24, 1965.
Sam Groom, December 26, 1966 - July 8, 1971. []
Robert Hover, July 15, 1971 - December 25, 1972.
David Bailey, January 12, 1973 - June 8, 1978; October 11, 1979 - October 8, 1981; March 20, 1989 - September 21, 1989; October 23, 1992 - November 13, 1992.
Arrival: (1966) Came to start his internship at Memorial Hospital.
(1979) Returned to help Kevin Cook set up a cardiology unit at BCGH.
(1989) Returned to compete for the Chief of Staff position at BCGH.
Departure: (1965) Attended private school out of town.
(1978) Left for a job in Dallas, Texas.
(1981) Left to pursue Olivia Delaney in Seattle, Washington.
(1989) Left for another job in Nice, France.
Introduction Scenes: (Joey Trent) In the Matthews' house, reading in his bedroom.
(Sam Groom) To Alice Matthews Frame about the chip dip, "What's the matter - is it against the law to eat this stuff?"
(Robert Hover) To Cindy Clark in the hospital cafeteria, "Oh, come on, Cindy. That's nothing to be upset about."
(David Bailey, 1973) To Gil McGowan, "You want to see me, Lieutenant?"
(David Bailey, Reintro 1979) To Jim Matthews, "How are you, Dad?"
(David Bailey, Reintro 1989) His office, on the phone with Iris Wheeler, "Iris, how are you?"
Exit Scenes: (Joey Trent) In the Matthews' dining room, to Jim Matthews, "Thanks, Dad."
(Sam Groom) To Jim and Mary Matthews in their house, "In any case, there's nothing I can do about it -- and I'm not going to give up Cindy because of it."
(Robert Hover) At Steve Frame's, to Janice Frame, "My pleasure. Bye."
(David Bailey, 1978) In Alice Matthews Frame's living room, to Jim Matthews, "Thanks, Dad."
(David Bailey, 1981) In his office, To Jerry Grove, "I know you told me. I want you to promise me."
(David Bailey, 1989) Liz Matthews' home about Josie Watts and Olivia Matthews, "Oh, for god's sake. Fine, I am finished gushing. I am out of here right now."
Birthday: April 20, 1947 (originally).
Other Aliases: Russell Lawrence Matthews (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Geneva, Switzerland.
Other Whereabouts: Dallas (1978-1979), Seattle (1981-1989).
Relatives: Mary Matthews (RIP), mother. Jim Matthews (RIP), father. Josie Watts, daughter. Olivia Matthews, daughter. Pat Randolph, sister. Alice Matthews Frame, sister. Will Matthews (RIP), uncle. Janet Matthews, aunt. Marianne Randolph, niece. Michael Randolph, nephew. Susan Matthews Shearer, cousin. Bill Matthews (RIP), cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, granddaughter. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), grandson.
Spouses: Rachel Cory.
Cindy Clark (married on September 5, 1972. Dissolved in September 1972).
Sharlene Frame
Tracy DeWitt (married on August 1, 1980. Dissolved in February 1981).
"Woman" (Olivia Matthews' mother).
Veronique (married in November 1989).
Lovers: Iris Wheeler (fiance) (1974-1975) and Gwen Frame (1977-1978).
Dates: Paula McCrae (1971-1972), Janice Frame (1972-1973), Harriet Sullivan (1973), Barbara Weaver (1975), Corinne Seton (1977), Elena DePoulignac (1977-1978), and Olivia Delaney (1981).
Flirtations: Lenore Moore Delaney.
Medical History: Had a beard in 1992.
Occupation: Doctor.