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Cathy Greene Taylor Miller SALLY FRAME

First Appearance: April 17, 1975
Last Appearance: May 26, 1986
Portrayers: Cathy Greene, April 17, 1975 - September 15, 1978.
Julie Philips, April 16, 1979 - September 18, 1980.
Jennifer Runyon, March 2, 1981 - February 24, 1983.
Dawn Benz, March 9, 1983 - May 25, 1983.
Mary Page Keller, June 8, 1983 - June 21, 1985.
Taylor Miller, July 22, 1985 - May 26, 1986.
Arrival: (1975) Patient in hospital, victim of a car accident which killed both her birth parents.
(1979) Returned as an older teenager after having run away from boarding school.
(1981) Returned to attend Bay City University to study Journalism.
Departure: (1978) Left to attend boarding school in Boston, Massachusetts.
(1980) Left for Chicago to attend a nursing program run by her mother.
Introduction Scenes: (Cathy Greene) To Dave Gilchrist from her hospital bed, "Hello."
(Julie Philips) Entering Mrs. Banta's office, "Carrie says Mrs. Banta's out of town..."
(Jennifer Runyon) The Matthews house to Jim Matthews and Liz Matthews, "You make it seem like such a surprise. I haven't been gone that long."
(Mary Page Keller) At Cory Publishing, entering Peter's office, "Peter?"
(Taylor Miller) To Catlin Ewing about to enter their house, "Well where do you think you're going?"
Exit Scenes: (Cathy Greene) At her going-away party to Joey Perrini about Eileen Simpson.
(Julie Philips) To Blaine Ewing Cory, in Blaine's apartment, "Blaine, people don't care where you came from."
(Mary Page Keller) To Catlin Ewing, "I love you. I really, really love you."
(Taylor Miller) To Catlin Ewing, from her hospital bed, "I love you... I'm not scared. Tell Kevin I love him. And remember me."
Birthday: September 26. Sally was 18 as of March 4, 1981 and 22 by February 10, 1984.
Birthplace: Sarasota, Florida.
Date of Death: May 26, 1986.
Cause of Death: Killed in a car crash caused by Ludwig under the instructions of Reginald Love (RIP).
Place of Death: A hospital room in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Sally Spencer (birth name).
Relatives: Jennifer Gordon Spencer/Sprague (RIP), mother. Peter Spencer/Sprague (RIP), father. Alice Matthews Frame and Steve Frame (RIP), adoptive parents. Kevin Thatcher, son. Beatrice Gordon, grandmother. Raymond Gordon, uncle. Charles Gordon, uncle. Curtis Gordon, cousin. Henry Gordon, cousin. Eric Gordon, cousin.
Spouses: Denny Hobson (married on April 8, 1982. Divorced in January 1983).
Catlin Ewing (invalidly married on April 8, 1985. Married on May 5, 1986. Dissolved in May 1986).
Lovers: Phil Higley (1979), Joey Perrini, Leigh Hobson (fiance) (1981), Peter Love (fiance) (1983), and David Thatcher (RIP) (fiance) (1984).
Dates: Dan Cooper (1980), Rick Halloway (1980), Gil Fenton (1983), and Daniel Gabriel (1985).
Flirtations: Morgan Simpson (1979).
Medical History: Had hepatitis in 1977.
Former Occupations: Art director at Brava Magazine.
Notes: Sally was last mentioned by Alice and Rachel on May 25, 1989.