First Appearance: January 26, 1967
Last Appearance: December 25, 1974
Portrayer: Jordan Charney, January 26, 1967 - November 6, 1970; December 28, 1973 - December 25, 1974.
Arrival: Came to demand money from Danny Fargo.
Departure: (1970) Moved to Somerset with Lahoma Vane Lucas.
(1974) Left to reunite and reconcile with Lahoma Vane Lucas.
Introduction Scenes: (1967) Inquiring about Danny Fargo at The Alley in Chicago, "Hello, Barclay Hotel?...Listen, sister, can you give me the number of Danny Fargo’s room?...."
(Reintro, 1973) Ada Hobson's living room, hiding behind the door to surprise her.
Exit Scenes: (1970) To Steve Frame in Robert Delaney's office about Wayne Addison, "I hope...well, I just hope you find out the truth, that's all. Robert, I'll come back later.."
(1974) Over the phone to Ada Hobson, "Okay, Lahoma's waiting for me... Merry Christmas, Ada.... and thanks for all you've done."
Birthday: 1938.
Birthplace: Evansville, Indiana.
Last Known Whereabouts: Oklahoma.
Other Whereabouts: Somerset (1970-1973).
Relatives: Susannah Lucas, daughter. Ada Hobson (RIP), sister, Rachel Cory Hutchins, niece. Nancy McGowan, niece. Jamie Frame, great-nephew. Amanda Cory, great-niece. Matthew Cory, great-nephew. Elizabeth Hutchins, great-niece. Cory Hutchins, great-nephew. Eight other brothers and sisters.

With Barbara Rodell (Lee) Spouses: Lahoma Vane Lucas (married on January 3, 1969).
Dates: Lee Randolph (RIP) (1967-1968) and Ellen Boswell (1969-1970).
Flirtations: Pat Randolph (1974).
Legal History: Spent 1961-1966 in the Indiana Penitentiary for armed robbery. Indicted for the murder of Lefty Burns (1968).
Former Occupations: Mechanic. Lawyer.
Notes: Sam's planned appearance on August 15, 1973 (for Gil and Ada's wedding) was cut. The character appeared on Somerset until November 1973 before being transferred permanently back to AW.

with Alice Sam and Lahoma