Chris RichSANDY CORY Sandy with Nicole Schrink (Maggie)

First Appearance: January 19, 1981
Last Appearance: July 20, 1993
Portrayers: Chris Rich, January 19, 1981 - March 20, 1985.
Stephen Bogardus, June 29, 30, July 5, 8, 19, and 20, 1993.
Arrival: Came to meet and get to know his biological father, Mac Cory (RIP).
Departure: Left with Blaine Ewing Cory for a television job in San Francisco, California.
Introduction Scene: To Jason Dunlap (RIP) over the phone, in Ilsa Fredericks' (RIP) office, "May I tell her who's calling?"
Exit Scene: The Cory Mansion with Mac Cory (RIP), Ada Hobson (RIP), and Rachel Cory.
Other Aliases: Alexander Sanderson (birth name). Sandy Sanderson (childhood nickname, which he then inverted to Sandy Alexander).
Last Known Whereabouts: San Francisco, California.
Other Whereabouts: Los Angeles, California. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Relatives: Miriam Sanderson (RIP), mother. Mac Cory (RIP), father. Maggie Cory, daughter. Alex Cory, son. Iris Wheeler, half-sister. Paulina Cory Carlino, half-sister. Amanda Cory, half-sister. Alfred Cory, uncle. Dennis Wheeler, half-nephew. Remy Woods, half-niece. Alli Fowler, half-niece. Dante Carlino, half-nephew. Neal Cory, cousin. Adam Cory, cousin. Sandy has a half-sister on his mother's side named Donna Sanderson, who is nine years his senior and lives in Indiana.

Stephen Bogardus Spouses: Cecile DePoulignac (married on December 8, 1981. Divorced in May 1982). Blaine Ewing Cory (married on August 4, 1983).
Flirtations: Melissa Needham (1981), Felicia Gallant (1983), and Donna Love (1985).
Current and Former Occupations: Male prostitute (1976-1981). Editor and executive at Cory Publishing. Currently a television-station owner.

Sandy and Blaine