Michael GoodwinSCOTT BRADLEY Paul Tulley

First Appearance: July 22, 1975
Last Appearance: April 7, 1980
Portrayers: Michael Goodwin, July 22, 1975 - June 9, 1977.
Paul Tulley, December 20, 1978 - April 7, 1980.
Arrival: Hired as legal counsel for Cory Publishing and Frame Enterprises.
Departure: (1977) Returned to his New York law firm when Keith Morrison resigned.
(1980) Moved to Washington, D.C.
Introduction Scenes: (Michael Goodwin) To Mac Cory in the Cory Mansion living room, "Thank you, Mac. Is this an inconvenient time for me to say hello?"
(Paul Tulley) Over the phone to Liz Matthews, "Mrs. Matthews?"
Exit Scenes: (Michael Goodwin) To Ray Gordon and Alice Matthews Frame in their home, "I'll bring Brian over so we can fill him in on things. Goodnight, Ray."
(Paul Tulley) The Cory Mansion with Mac and Rachel Cory.
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington, D.C.
Other Whereabouts: New York (-1975, 1977-1978).
Relatives: Carleton Bradley, father.
Lovers: * (RIP) (fiance) (1978).
Dates: Angie Perrini (1975, 1977), Pam Sloan (1976), Clarice Ewing (1977), and Alice Matthews Frame (1979).
Flirtations: Barbara Weaver (1975) and Tracy DeWitt (1976).
Former Occupations: Attorney and partner of Morrison, Bradley, and Stern law firm in New York. D.A.