Hilary Edson as Stacey Terry Davis as Stacey


First Appearance: September 29, 1982
Last Appearance: July 18, 1991
Portrayers: Terry Davis, September 29, 1982 - February 13, 1984.
Hilary Edson, February 1, 1989 - July 18, 1991.
Arrival: (1982) Tired of the power games of her NY law firm, Stacey came to Bay City to practice public action law.
(1989) Joined the law firm with Cass Winthrop and Zack Edwards.
Departure: (1984) Left with Mark Singleton to start a new life in San Francisco, California.
(1991) Left due to break up with Michael Hudson.
Introduction Scenes: (Terry Davis) To Vincent at the door of Cass Winthrop and Louis St. George's suite, "I'm looking for Cass Winthrop. Is he here?"
(Hilary Edson) The Design House, to Nicole Love, "Hello? Oh, good, I was worried that there wasn't going to be anyone here."
Exit Scenes: (Terry Davis) Singleton residence, musing to herself while looking around the empty house, "Well, I guess everything is done."
(Hilary Edson) The back seat of a car, to Michael Hudson, "It really shoulda worked. Goodbye."
Last Known Whereabouts: Los Angeles, California.
Other Whereabouts: New York.
Relatives: Claudia Winthrop, mother. Megan Singleton (RIP), daughter, died in 1987. * Winthrop Jr. (RIP), brother. Cass Winthrop, brother. Morgan Winthrop, brother. Charlie Frame Winthrop, niece. Alan Winthrop, "rich" cousin (1983).
Spouses: Mark Singleton (married on December 5, 1983. Divorced in June 1984).
Lovers: Jamie Frame (1982-1983) (fiance), Derek Dane (1989-1990), and Michael Hudson (1991).
Dates: Ryan Harrison (1990).
Occupation: Attorney.