John Nash as StevenChristopher Conroy as StevenSpencer Treat Clark as Steven


First Appearance:
March 14, 1989
Last Appearance: April 7, 1999
Portrayers: John Nash, March 14, 1989 - September 16, 1994.
Christopher Conroy, November 25, 1994; April 20, 1995 - August 11, 1995.
Spencer Treat Clark, October 27, 1995 - April 7, 1999.
Introduction Scenes: (John Nash) Vicky Hudson's apartment, with Vicky Hudson and Jake McKinnon.
(Christopher Conroy, 1995) Vicky Hudson's house, to Ryan Harrison who is taking a photograph of him with Vicky Hudson and Kirkland Harrison, "He can't talk, Ryan."
(Spencer Treat Clark) Vicky Hudson's house, to Vicky Hudson, about getting over his jet lag, "Fine."
Exit Scenes: (John Nash) An airport, with Ryan Harrison and Donna Love.
(Spencer Treat Clark) Listening to Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson defending Marley's brave actions so that the family can make peace.
Birthday: (Former) March 14, 1989. (Current) 1988.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Steven Michael Frame (full name). Named after his paternal grandfather.
Relatives: Vicky Hudson, mother. Jamie Frame, father. Kirkland Harrison, half-brother. Donna Love, maternal grandmother. Michael Hudson, maternal grandfather. Rachel Cory, paternal grandmother. Steve Frame (RIP), paternal grandfather. Sam Lucas, great-uncle. Marley Hudson, aunt. Amanda Cory, half-aunt. Matthew Cory, half-uncle. Nick Hudson, half-uncle. Elizabeth Hutchins, half-aunt. Cory Hutchins, half-uncle. Alli Fowler, half-cousin. Jasmine Cory, half-cousin. Elizabeth Love (RIP), maternal great-grandmother. Reginald Love (RIP), maternal great-grandfather. Clara Hudson, maternal great-grandmother. Ada Hobson (RIP), paternal great-grandmother. Gerald David (RIP), paternal great-grandfather. Margaret * (RIP), maternal great-great-grandmother. Joe * (RIP), maternal great-great-grandfather. Willis Frame, great-uncle. Emma Frame Ordway, great-aunt. Jason Frame (RIP), great-uncle. Janice Frame (RIP), great-aunt. Henry Frame, great-uncle. Vince Frame, great-uncle. Sharlene Frame, great-aunt. John Hudson, great-uncle. Peter Love, great-uncle. Nicole Love, great-aunt. Nancy McGowan, great-half-aunt. Frankie Frame (RIP), second cousin. Molly Ordway, second cousin. Evan Frame, second cousin. Josie Watts, second cousin. Dean Frame, second cousin. Gregory Hudson, second cousin. Susannah Lucas, second cousin. Charlie Frame Winthrop, third cousin. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), third cousin.
Medical History: Went in septic shock after being born at home.