Fran Sharon Roni Dengel


First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: December 24, 1982
Portrayers: Fran Sharon, May 4 - 8, 1964.
Roni Dengel, May 20, 1964 - October 7, 1964.
Lisa Cameron, March 5, 1969 - September 30, 1971.
Lynn Milgrim, January 25, 1978 - May 29, 1979; September 30, 1982 - December 24, 1982.
Introduction Scenes: (Fran Sharon) Offscreen from upstairs in Liz Matthews' house to Liz Matthews, "Yes, Mother?"
(Lisa Cameron) Over the phone, "Hello, Bill?
(Lynn Milgrim, 1978) In the Matthews house to Jim Matthews (RIP), "Hello, Uncle Jim."
(Lynn Milgrim, Reintro, 1982) The Matthews house to Julia Shearer (RIP), voicing disapproval over Julia's devotion to Jamie Frame.
Exit Scenes: (Roni Dengel) In Pat Randolph and Alice Matthews Frame's bedroom, "You will, Pat. And take care of yourself."
(Lisa Cameron) About the news that Russ Matthews and Cindy Clark (RIP) were close to setting a wedding date, Oh thats wonderful! Im so glad.
(Lynn Milgrim, 1979) To Alice Matthews Frame about Sally Frame (RIP) in her cottage, "If she needs further counseling, I can recommend someone in Bay City."
(Lynn Milgrim, 1982) To Jamie Frame in the Matthews house, "I wish that you find the right woman soon and whoever she is I know that she's a very lucky lady."
Birthday: 1940 or 1941.
Last Known Whereabouts: Colorado.
Other Whereabouts: Baltimore, Maryland (1964-1969), Boston, Massachusetts (1971-1978, 1979-1986).

Lisa Cameron

Lynn Milgrim Relatives: Liz Matthews, mother. Will Matthews (RIP), father. Julia Shearer (RIP), adoptive daughter. Bill Matthews (RIP), brother. Janet Matthews, aunt. Jim Matthews (RIP), uncle. Pat Randolph, cousin. Alice Matthews Frame, cousin. Russ Matthews, cousin. Marianne Randolph, second cousin. Michael Randolph, second cousin. Olivia Matthews, second cousin, Josie Watts, second cousin.
Spouses: Fred Douglas (married on September 19, 1969. Divorced on September 25, 1970).
Dan Shearer (married on June 30, 1971. Divorced in January 1979).
Lovers: George Bowman (fiance) (1959) and Jamie Frame (1982).
Occupation: Lab technician. Psychiatrist.