First Appearance: October 13, 1978
Last Appearance: November 14, 1979
Portrayer: Leora Dana, October 13, 1978 - November 14, 1979.
Introduction Scene: To Liz Matthews after entering Mac's office, "I was told to come right back."
Exit Scene: To Dennis Wheeler, who was about to drive her to the airport, "Why don't you wait until I powder my nose?"
Date Of Death: October 1988.
Other Aliases: Sylvia Kosloff (real name).
Other Whereabouts: New York City.
Relatives: Iris Wheeler, daughter. Myrtle Benson, sister. Dennis Wheeler, grandson. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-granddaughter.
Lovers: Mac Cory (RIP).
Medical History: Had a mild drinking problem.
Legal History: Convicted of killing a man who raped her when she was a young adult.
Former Occupations: A model in her youth. Cut-rate-clothes designer. Owner of Sylvie Dresses.