First Appearance: April 9, 1980
Last Appearance: September 25, 1980
Portrayer: Ron Harper, April 9, 1980 - September 25, 1980.
Arrival: Came to see his daughter, Kit Halloway and meet Joey Perrini.
Introduction Scene: Pleased Joey Perrini and Kit Halloway are in love as he watches them.
Exit Scene: To Joey Perrini and Rick Halloway, in Gwen Frame's office, "What does either one of you really know about life?"
Relatives: Taylor Halloway Jr. (RIP), son. Rick Halloway, son. Kit Halloway, daughter. Amy Dudley, daughter.
Spouses: Ellen Halloway.
Lovers: Miranda Bishop (1980).
Dates: Pat Randolph (1980).
Flirtations: Gwen Frame (1980).
Medical History: Had a stroke and heart attack (1981).
Occupation: Owner of Philadelphia Oil.