Richard Backus as TedTED BANCROFT Eric A. Roberts as Ted

First Appearance: February 14, 1977
Last Appearance: February 3, 1984
Portrayers: Eric A. Roberts, February 14, 1977 - June 17, 1977.
Richard Backus, February 14, 1979 - September 13, 1979.
Luke Reilly, September 22, 1983 - February 3, 1984.
Departure: (1977) Left when he found his father's relationship with Iris Wheeler intolerable.
(1979 and 1984) Was institutionalized after being declared insane.
Introduction Scenes: (Eric Roberts) To Mac Cory, "You haven't changed a bit, sir."
(Richard Backus) To Vivien Gorrow from the other side of the door, "Open up and find out, will you?"
Exit Scenes: (Eric A. Roberts) To Marianne Randolph in her apartment, "We better hurry, honey."
(Richard Backus) To Brian Bancroft asking if he was alright, while lying on the floor of the Lady J yacht, "No, I don't think I am."
(Luke Reilly) To Brian Bancroft at the police station before going to jail, "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm really sorry."
Relatives: Muriel Bancroft, mother. Brian Bancroft, father.
Dates: Marianne Randolph (1977) and Karen Campbell (1979).
Flirtations: Molly Ordway (1977), Eileen Simpson (1979), and Elena DePoulignac (1979).
Luke Reilly as Ted Medical History: Ted suffered brain damage after thug Jumbo brained him with a revolver. Cocaine addiction.
Former Occupations: Reporter for the Bay City Sentinel (1979).
Note: Ted was AW's first "back from the dead" character. He was briefly presumed dead in 1979.