Richard Backus as TedTED BANCROFT Eric A. Roberts as Ted

First Appearance: February 14, 1977
Last Appearance: February 3, 1984
Portrayers: Eric A. Roberts, February 14, 1977 - June 17, 1977.
Richard Backus, February 14, 1979 - September 13, 1979.
Luke Reilly, September 22, 1983 - February 3, 1984.
Departure: (1977) Left when he found his father's relationship with Iris Wheeler intolerable.
(1979 and 1984) Was institutionalized after being declared insane.
Introduction Scenes: (Eric Roberts) To Mac Cory (RIP), "You haven't changed a bit, sir."
(Richard Backus) To Vivien Gorrow from the other side of the door, "Open up and find out, will you?"
Exit Scenes: (Eric A. Roberts) To Marianne Randolph in her apartment, "We better hurry, honey."
(Richard Backus) To Brian asking if he was alright, while lying on the floor of the Lady J yacht, "No, I don't think I am."
(Luke Reilly) To Brian Bancroft at the police station before going to jail, "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm really sorry."
Relatives: Muriel Bancroft, mother. Brian Bancroft, father.
Dates: Marianne Randolph (1977) and Karen Campbell (1979).
Flirtations: Molly Ordway (1977), Eileen Simpson (RIP) (1979), and Elena DePoulignac (1979).
Luke Reilly as Ted Medical History: Ted suffered brain damage after thug Jumbo brained him with a revolver. Cocaine addiction.
Former Occupations: Reporter for the Bay City Sentinel (1979).
Note: Ted was AW's first "back from the dead" character. He was briefly presumed dead in 1979.