First Appearance: March 30, 1971
Last Appearance: April 25, 1973
Portrayer: Stephen Bolster, March 30, 1971 - April 25, 1973.
Arrival: Fled St. Louis to escape loan shark, George Casey.
Departure: Left for Chicago after finding Steve Frame and Rachel Cory being intimate.
Introduction Scene: To Cindy Clark in her apartment, "Little sister! You’re all grown up now, Cindy!"
Exit Scene: In his apartment in Chicago, over the phone to Gil McGowan, "Gil, say goodbye to Ada for me, will you please?"
Other Aliases: Michael Clark (original name). Theodore Clark (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago, Illinois.
Relatives: Belle Clark, mother. Cindy Clark (RIP), sister. Father died in 1965.
Spouses: Rachel Cory.
Medical History: Treated for polio throughout childhood.
Legal History: Imprisoned for theft (December 1971 - June 1972, with four years probation).
Former Occupations: Drug dealer. Manager of the Fireside Inn.
Notes: The last known mention of Ted Clark was on May 25, 1981 by Jamie Frame.