First Appearance: July 20, 1976
Last Appearance: November 22, 1976
Portrayer: Nancy Marchand, July 20, 1976 - November 22, 1976.
Introduction Scene: On Iris Wheeler's patio, "It's quite all right... I'm enjoying this little contretemps after an unusually dull flight."
Exit Scene: Singing "Bye, Bye, Blackbird" on Iris's patio.
Date of Death: November 22, 1976.
Cause of Death: Heart failure.
Place of Death: Iris Wheeler's patio.
Relatives: Carol Lamonte, daughter.
Spouses: Alistair Lamonte (RIP).
Medical History: Had a history of cardiac trouble.
Former Occupations: Socialite, had been a showgirl in her youth.
Notes: Referred to as alternately Therese and Theresa in 1974.