Pamela G. Kay as ThomasinaSheila Spencer as Thomasina


First Appearance: April 1982
Last Appearance: April 9, 1987
Portrayers: Sheila Spencer, April 1982 - September 1983.
Pamela G. Kay, March 1984 - June 13, 1986; April 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9, 1987.
Departure: Left to attend pre-med at UCLA.
Introduction Scene: (Sheila Spencer) To Quinn Harding (RIP) at the Fellowship Hall.
Exit Scenes: (Sheila Spencer) to Abel Marsh about Quinn Harding (RIP), "Why do you have to keep hassling her all the time?"
(Pamela G. Kay) To Carter Todd about his scholarship offer, at Mary's Place, "Lemme see that!"
Last Known Whereabouts: California.
Sheila Spencer as ThomasinaOther Aliases: Thomasina Mason (maiden name).

Spouses: Carter Todd (married on March 1, 1985).
Dates: R.J. Morgan (1982-1983) and Perry Hutchins (RIP) (1984).
Relatives: Quinn Harding (RIP), adoptive mother. Grant Todd II, son. Lily Mason, aunt.