Pamela G. Kay as ThomasinaSheila Spencer as Thomasina


First Appearance: April 16, 1982
Last Appearance: April 9, 1987
Portrayers: Sheila Spencer, April 16, 1982 - September 1983 [recurring].
Pamela G. Kay, March 22, 1984 - June 13, 1986; April 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9, 1987.
Departure: Left to attend pre-med at UCLA.
Introduction Scene: (Sheila Spencer) To Quinn Harding (RIP) at the Fellowship Hall.
Exit Scene: (Pamela G. Kay) To Carter Todd about his scholarship offer, at Mary's Place, "Lemme see that!"
Last Known Whereabouts: California.
Sheila Spencer as ThomasinaOther Aliases: Thomasina Mason (maiden name).

Spouses: Carter Todd (married on March 1, 1985).
Dates: R.J. Morgan (1982-1983) and Perry Hutchins (RIP) (1984).
Relatives: Quinn Harding (RIP), adoptive mother. Grant Todd II, son. Lily Mason, aunt.