First Appearance: August 8, 1973
Last Appearance: August 29, 1974
Portrayer: Christopher Allport, August 8, 1973 - August 29, 1974.
Departure: Fled Bay City because he was caught stealing funds from Frame Enterprises.
Introduction Scene: Over the phone to Gil McGowan, "Hello?"
Exit Scene: To Ada Hobson in her kitchen, "Bye, Ada. I'm going to miss you."
Birthplace: New York (probably).
Date of Death: January 1977.
Cause of Death: A mine explosion.
Place of Death: Bolivia, South America.
Relatives: Marion McGowan (RIP), mother. Gil McGowan (RIP), father. Burt McGowan, brother. Nancy McGowan, half-sister. Nick McGowan, nephew. Sandy McGowan, niece.
Lovers: Janice Frame (RIP) (fiance) (1973-1974).
Former Occupation: Lawyer.