With Susan Trustman (Pat)First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: November 10, 1964
Portrayer: Nicholas Pryor, May 4, 1964 - November 10, 1964.
Introduction Scene: At the front door of the Matthews' house to Jim Matthews (RIP), "Good evening, Mr. Matthews."
Exit Scenes: (November 6) In his apartment, to Pat Randolph, "Give me the gun, Pat."
(November 10) Lying dead in his apartment.
Birthday: December 21, 1940.
Date of Death: November 6, 1964.
Cause of Death: Killed accidentally by Pat Randolph.
Place of Death: His apartment.
Other Aliases: Tom Young (original name). Thomas Baxter (full name).
Relatives: Laura Baxter, mother. Ken Baxter, father. Judy Baxter (RIP), sister.
Lovers: Pat Randolph (1964).