Tony with Alice First Appearance: September 30, 1965
Last Appearance: January 7, 1970
Portrayer: Alex Canaan, September 30, 1965 - January 30, 1967; December 30, 1969 - January 7, 1970.
Arrival: (1969) Came to recruit graduates for his pharmaceutical firm.
Introduction Scenes: (1965) At "The Joint," "Hello, Bill. I'm sorry to be so late."
(Reintro, 1969) To Fred Douglas in his living room, "Sorry to drag you away from work, Dad."
Birthday: 1943.
Relatives: Adelaide (Addie) (RIP), mother. Fred Douglas, father. Tony mentioned a sister attending college on the East Coast in 1965.
Dates: Alice Matthews Frame (1965-1967) and Lee Randolph (RIP) (1965-1966).
Former Occupations: Served in the United States Air Force for two years before starting college.
Occupations: A computer programmer.