TONY DOUGLAS Rudolph Willrich

First Appearance: August 4, 1965
Last Appearance: January 9, 1970
Portrayers: Alex Canaan, August 4, 1965 - January 30, 1967.
Rudolph Willrich, December 30, 1969 - January 9, 1970.
Arrival: (1969) Came to recruit graduates for his pharmaceutical firm.
Departure: Left for a job opportunity out of town.
Introduction Scenes: (Alex Canaan) At "The Joint" to Lee Randolph, "Well, it's nice to see you out again. You want to dance?"
(Rudolph Willrich) To Fred Douglas in his living room, "Sorry to drag you away from work, Dad."
Exit Scenes: (Alex Canaan) At the "Top of the Tower," to Alice Matthews Frame, "No, I was making too much noise myself."
(Rudolph Willrich) To Alice Matthews Frame, on her finding love again, "Sure you will. Sure you will."
Birthday: 1943.
Relatives: Adelaide (Addie) (RIP), mother. Fred Douglas, father. Tony mentioned a sister attending college on the East Coast in 1965.
Dates: Alice Matthews Frame (1965-1967) and Lee Randolph (1965-1966).
Former Occupations: Served in the United States Air Force for two years before starting college.
Occupations: A computer programmer for Windemere Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Tony with Alice