Janice Lynde as TracyTRACY DeWITT Caroline McWilliams as Tracy

First Appearance: January 21, 1976
Last Appearance: February 2, 1981
Portrayers: Caroline McWilliams, January 21, 1976 - March 26, 1976.
Janice Lynde, November 16, 1979 - February 2, 1981.
Arrival: (1976 and 1979) Came to visit her friend, Iris Wheeler.
Departure: (1976) Left when she tired of being manipulated by Iris Wheeler.
Introduction Scenes: (Caroline McWilliams) To Iris Wheeler over the phone, "Iris, darling! Is it really you?"
(Janice Lynde) To Iris Wheeler over the phone about her call, "Are you sure it's pleasant?"
Exit Scenes: (Caroline McWilliams) To Scott Bradley about Mac Cory, "Then you let him know if Iris ever tries to cause trouble between him and Rachel again."
(Janice Lynde) To Jason Dunlap about Ilsa Fredericks in her Las Vegas hotel room, "She's really not a very nice lady."
Date of Death: February 2, 1981.
Cause of Death: Killed in a car explosion.
Place of Death: A Las Vegas airport parking lot.
Other Aliases: Tracy Aldrich (maiden name). Tracy Merrill (stage name).
Spouses: Claude DeWitt (RIP) (dissolved in 1979 after a 5-year marriage).
Russ Matthews (married on August 1, 1980. Dissolved in February 1981).
Lovers: Mac Cory (RIP).
Dates: Philip Lyons (1979).
Flirtations: Scott Bradley (1976), Mitch Blake (1980), and Jason Dunlap (RIP) (1980-1981).
Medical History: Had a heart condition.
Former Occupations: Photographer for Brava Magazine and singer.