First Appearance: June 13, 1997
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Henry Simmons, June 13, 1997 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scene: The Lucky Lady to Toni Burrell, "Well, I've been on the road and I'm kind of hungry. I'll just park myself right here and look at you 'cuz you look so good."
Exit Scene: With a crowd, on Jake McKinnon and Vicky Hudson's front lawn.
Birthday: May 11.
Birthplace: At home.
Relatives: Irene Montgomery (RIP), mother. Bessie Walters, aunt.
Dates: Dana Kramer (1997).
Flirtations: Toni Burrell (1997) and Marley Hudson (1998).
Current Occupation: Judge. Former law partner in Winthrop and Montgomery.