First Appearance: May 10, 1974
Last Appearance: June 3, 1976
Portrayer: John Considine, May 10, 1974 - June 3, 1976.
Arrival: Came to manage Frame Enterprises while Steve Frame was in prison.
Departure: Left when he became fed up with Willis Frame.
Exit Scene: His apartment, to Pam Sloan's wondering if he'd mind if she skipped dinner, "Of course not."
Last Known Whereabouts: Baltimore, Maryland.
Spouses: Unknown (divorced by 1974).
Lovers: Pam Sloan (1975-1976).
Dates: Carol Lamonte (1974) and Barbara Weaver (1975).
Flirtations: Lenore Moore (1975-1976).
Former Occupation: General manager at Frame Enterprises.