First Appearance: January 10, 1978
Last Appearance: July 5, 1979
Portrayer: Jay Morran, January 10, 1978 - July 5, 1979.
Departure: Left to attend a rehabilitation center.
Introduction Scene: To Liz Matthews working on her desk lamp, "Maybe an electrician would have better luck."
Exit Scene: To Gwen Frame about whether Willis Frame knew of Angie's pregnancy, in his hospital room, "No. Especially not Willis."
Birthplace: Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Other Aliases: Otis Frame (birth name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Los Angeles, California.
Relatives: Jenny Frame (RIP), mother. Henry Frame (RIP), father. Emma Frame Ordway, sister. Steve Frame (RIP), brother. Jason Frame (RIP), brother. Willis Frame, brother. Janice Frame (RIP), sister. Sharlene Frame, sister. Henry Frame, brother. Norman Frame, brother. Rose *, grandmother. Frankie Frame (RIP), niece. Molly Ordway, niece. Wade Ordway, nephew. Sterling Ordway, nephew. Jamie Frame, nephew. Evan Frame, nephew. Josie Watts, niece. Gregory Hudson, nephew. Dean Frame, nephew. Sharlene *, cousin. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Charlie Frame Winthrop, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.
Spouses: Angie Perrini (married on May 19, 1978. Divorced on April 3, 1979).
Mimi Haines Frame (married on June 29, 1979).
Flirtations: Rose Perrini (1978).
Medical History: Injured in an auto accident that left him with a speech impediment (1979).
Former Occupations: Furniture maker and partner in Hobson-Frame Furniture.