Jack Ryland as VinceDuke Stroud as Vince Robert Hogan as Vince


First Appearance: October 3, 1984
Last Appearance: March 25, 1991
Portrayers: Jack Ryland, October 3, 1984 - March 13, 1985.
William Andrews, November 22, 1985.
Duke Stroud, March 31, 1986 - December 5, 1986.
Robert Hogan, January 9, 1987 - February 17, 1989; July 21, 1989; March 11, 22, and 25, 1991.
Arrival: Returned because M.J. McKinnon told him about Ben's suspension.
Departure: (1985) Left to find work in California and keep an eye on Ben McKinnon.
(1989) Left with Mary McKinnon to go live where his children lived.
Introduction Scenes: (Jack Ryland) After helping himself to coffee and pie at Smiley's Diner, to Maisie Watkins, "Acting out my fancy."
(Duke Stroud) At the McKinnon house, to Cass Winthrop, who mistook Vince for a burglar, "What the... Cass Winthrop, Bay City's most prominent jackass."
(Robert Hogan) The alley behind Mary's Place, to Mary McKinnon, "I didn't hurt you, did I?"
Exit Scenes: (Jack Ryland) McKinnon house, to Cass about being welcome in his home.
(Duke Stroud) In a car, to Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon about leaving town with him, "This is nonsense. I'm in charge here and neither of you are coming."
(Robert Hogan) The McKinnon house, to Mary McKinnon, "I'm gonna fix that screen door one of these days."
Birthday: October 3.

Freeze FrameLast Known Whereabouts: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Other Whereabouts: West Virginia (-1984). California (1985-1986).
Relatives: Kathleen McKinnon, daughter. M.J. McKinnon, daughter. Ben McKinnon, son. Cheryl McKinnon, daughter. Ray McKinnon (RIP), brother. Jake McKinnon, nephew. Kevin Anderson, nephew. Sean McKinnon, great-nephew.
Spouses: Mary McKinnon (married on May 25, the mid-1950s. Divorced in November 1987. Remarried on April 21, 1988).
Flirtations: Felicia Gallant (1984) and Maisie Watkins (1986).
Occupation: Restaurateur.
Former Occupations: Miner. Owner of Mary's Place.