First Appearance: June 28, 1978
Last Appearance: December 20, 1990
Portrayer: Gretchen Oehler, June 28, 1978 - December 25, 1980; February 24, 1983 - May 16, 1984; September 27, 1988 - March 7, 1990; October 29, 1990 - December 20, 1990.
Arrival: (1978) Introduced as Iris Wheeler's maid.
(1983) Returned to resume her duties as the Cory servant.
(1988) Mac Cory offered her a job as the Cory maid after Iris Wheeler fired her.
Introduction Scenes: (1978) In the Bayview suite, to Iris Wheeler, "Yes, Ma'am."
(Reintro, 1983) With Mac Cory at the Cory Mansion asking for a job.
(Reintro, 1988) With Matthew Cory, to herself about the Cory Mansion living room, "Oh! Whoa, they changed this room all over. I liked it better before."
(Reintro, 1990) With Iris Wheeler and Amanda Cory, about Jake McKinnon's shooting, "The radio! It's on the radio, so it has to be true!"
Exit Scenes: (1980) To Jamie Frame in the Cory Mansion living room, "Oh please it's no trouble at all, are you kidding? I was gonna pack these kids off to bed and I'll be right back."
(1984) With Mac Cory in the Cory Mansion.
(March 1990) To Iris Wheeler, Lucas, and Felicia Gallant, "I beg everyone's pardon, but an editor of "Brava" is on the phone and needs to speak to Mrs. Wheeler pronto, if not sooner."
(December 1990) To Iris Wheeler in her suite about Jake McKinnon, "For that night that he was shot. You can't say where you were, but I could come up with something if you need me to."
Other Aliases: Gorrow is the maiden name of Harding Lemay's aunt.
Other Whereabouts: Houston, Texas.
Relatives: Mother died in 1979. Vivien grew up on a farm.
Dates: Renaldo (1979-1980) and Rudy Enright (1980).
Former Occupations: Personal maid to the Corys and Iris Wheeler. Waitress in Rose Perrini's restaurant (-1980).

Viviven in 1988