First Appearance: June 25-29, 1984
Last Appearance: January 12, 1988
Portrayer: Brent Collins, June 1984 - January 12, 1988.
Arrival: Introduced as Cecile DePoulignac's informant.
Introduction Scene: In a dark alley with Cecile DePoulignac, revealing Royal Dunning's plan to leave town using an alias prior to his murder.
Exit Scene: At TOPS to Felicia Gallant, "Get going."
Date of Death: February 2, 1988.
Cause of Death: Heart failure.
Place of Death: His apartment in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Wally.
Dates: Jeannie (1987-1988).
Flirtations: Felicia Gallant (1984).
Former Occupations: Mannequin repairperson. Gambler. Bartender at TOPS.