Dennis McKiernanWALLY CURTIN

First Appearance: March 18, 1971
Last Appearance: December 22, 1975
Portrayers: Chris Ombramonti, March 18, 1971 - June 16, 1971.
Scott Firestone, July 13, 1971 - June 22, 1972.
Jason Gladstone, August 8, 1972 - August 30, 1974.
Dennis McKiernan, November 26, 1974 - May 30, 1975; December 22, 1975.
Departure: Moved to Washington D.C. with his mother, Lenore Moore.
Introduction Scenes: (Chris Ombramonti) Hospital room, with Lenore Moore and a nurse.
(Scott Firestone) His bedroom with Walter Curtin and Lenore Moore.
Exit Scenes: (Chris Ombramonti) Curtin household, being taken to bed by Lenore Moore.
(Scott Firestone) Curtin living room with Helen Moore, Mark Venable, and Stuart Philbin.
(Dennis McKiernan) In Lenore Moore's Washington apartment over the phone to Helen Moore, "Grandma! How are you?"
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Birthday: March 18, 1971.
Other Aliases: Walter Joseph Curtin Jr. (full name).
Relatives: Walter Curtin (RIP), father. Lenore Moore, mother. Helen Moore, maternal grandmother. Charles Moore (RIP), maternal grandfather. Wayne Phipps, great-uncle.
Notes: Ombramonti, now known as Christine Burns, was listed as Chris Ombramonti because she was a girl playing a baby boy's role. She was replaced when it became noticeable she was a baby girl. She is the first cousin of Dennis Sullivan, who played Michael Randolph as a baby. Dennis McKiernan taped scenes in the June 24, 1975 episode but they were cut due to time constraints.